To be in community at CHC means to regularly connect to a small group of members of our faith community where you are transparently sharing your personal journey in your relationship with God while giving and receiving encouragement. The community that takes place in these groups throughout the week is what makes gathering together on Sundays so exciting.

Community Groups run for three months and then take a month long break. The next Community Group Trimester begins on Sunday, September 9th and goes through November. Each group has a different focus - we encourage you to find one that fits you best, either by the location, your stage in life or a specific focus. We encourage you to visit several and find the one that is life-giving to you. For more details call the church office at (360) 546-1000. 

Here are just a few that are happening this trimester:

- Extending The Kingdom of God Through My Life's Work

- Endurance

-Bible Study: the book of Romans

- Life Together

- You Can Study The Bible

- Everybody Always

- Crisianismo Voctorioso

- Raising Lambs (for moms) 

Contact us for the full list of available groups! (360) 546-1000